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How Can Halo Help Me?


Do you buy my home directly?

Yes, we do! And most importantly the cash we use is our own our, therefore, we are not here to satisfy third party investors or required to consider any other outside stakeholder. For further reassurance and transparency, we are happy to provide Proof of Funding on request – just ask! In return for a guaranteed fast sale of your home we offer you 85%-90% of the current market value of your property. Once you accept our formal offer, we stick to it – guaranteed. There are also no hidden fees or deductions so the offer you receive from us is the exact amount of money you get.


How can I trust the accuracy of the offer?

We use feedback from a local estate agent and a RICS qualified Surveyor to value your property (all at our cost with no obligation to you). We communicate all of their feedback transparently and combine that with our decades of experience to establish what we believe is a true market value for your home. From this value we set our offer, which we aim to work air or above 85% (again this can vary depending on your specific location).


How can we do it so fast?

With no one to report to or seek approval from, we are ready to act quickly and decisively with our funds, therefore, we can buy your home as fast as you need us to. We have a professional network of estate agent contacts and surveyors across England & Wales to ensure valuations are performed quickly and work alongside a team of highly trained solicitors that specialise in fast house buying who can organise the paperwork making the purchase hassle free.

Our Halo Promise

Our business is built on happy customers and to ensure that every one of customers receives a quick property solution that is tailored to them in an open, honest and informative service throughout every stage of the process we have set out our Halo Promises that all our customers will receive. Guaranteed.

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How Much Will I Get?

Halo House Buyers

VsEstate Agents

Market Value
Advertised Price
Average Agree Sale Price
Average Agreed Sale Price
Average Agree Sale Price
(Post Survey)
Average Agree Sale Price
(Post Survey)
Estate Agent Fees (2% + VAT)
Estate Agent Fees (2% + VAT)
Solicitor Fees
Solicitor Fees
Council tax & other bills
(while sale is going through)
Council tax & other bills
(while sale is going through)
Mortgage Payments
Mortgage Payments

How is Halo the best option for me?

Reasons why people come to Halo

  • Financial Difficulties

    Once you agree to sell to us, we can contact creditors on your behalf to buy you time to meet your payments pending the completion of your house sale, ending the stress of financial problems. We are always discreet and caring about difficult situations.

  • Separation

    In the event of a divorce or other relationship breakdown, assets often need to be sold fast to help pay for the forming of two households. Halo understand this is a sensitive situation and that privacy is very important during these times and we work hard to ensure we get you a fair price and buy the property fast to allow the couple to move forward.

  • Release Equity

    Whether you want to release equity to help fund a new business opportunity, funding retirement or need help to care for a care home for a loved one. Whatever the reason you can be sure that you can sell your house fast with Halo house buyers.

  • Emigration

    Off for a new adventure and want to sell your house fast? Halo can help buy your property for a fair price so you can enjoy your new life.

  • Repossession

    Once you accept our formal offer we buy your property in as little as 5 days. At your request we can also liaise with your creditors to explain that we are buying your property which offers them security their debt is secured which often. Our customers value the support and expertise we provide them during this often stressful situation.

  • Broken House Chain

    In the UK one in three house chains fall through which is a very stressful situation. We can help solve this by buying the property fast and enabling you to continue with your new property purchase.

  • Retirement

    One of the most common reasons to sell a property to us is individualt or couples who are looking to downsize their home after retirement. Our retiree clients do not want the stress and time of an open market sale and find the quick-sale solution offered by NPT to fit their need for a hassle-free sale.

  • Ill Health

    When a homeowner becomes ill and their home is no longer suitable for their needs, Halo can help buying their home within a timescale that suits them, which allows them to concentrate on getting the care and support they need as quick as possible. Halo understand ill health is a stressful time for everyone within the family so we work hard to cater to their requirements.

  • Inheritance

    Many of our customers inherit a property that they don’t need and often these properties are not local to where they live. Often these houses are in need of modernisation and so will be time consuming, costly and stressful to organise and come to us to ensure a fast and secure cash sale.

Advantages Of Using Halo Vs Agency

  • No expensive estate agency fees.

  • No legal costs.

  • No viewings, no chains, no hassle.

  • No costs throughout and no hidden charges.

  • There is no obligation to sell your house.

  • Our property buying service is 100% FREE.

  • Free consultation and valuation.

  • We are private and discreet.

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